How to order on MyCarthouse

How to Order on


Type the item you are searching for into the search bar at the top of the page. You may also browse through the different departments and categories on the left side of the homepage to find the desired products, including services.

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Click or tap on your desired product.


A page will be displayed with a description of the product. Underneath the description, type in your preferred quantity. You may click or tap on “Ask a Question” to communicate directly with the vendor.

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Click or tap on “Add to Cart”.


A pop-up page will be displayed for you to confirm quantity and with options to view cart, checkout, or continue shopping. Confirm the preferred quantity.


Click or tap on “View Cart”.


A page will be displayed containing the product, price, quantity, and value of your order. An option to “Apply Coupon” is also visible on this page in case you have a coupon code. Click or tap on “Proceed to Checkout” on the same page.

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A “Checkout” page displays your billing details. If it is your first time ordering on, enter all the required details. You may enter additional information about your order in the box provided underneath the billing details.


Select your preferred payment method and read the terms and conditions. Tick the box to confirm you have read the terms and conditions. The Debit/Credit Cards option includes mobile money payments as well.

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Click or tap on “Place Order” and proceed to make payment. Your order will be processed and delivered as soon as it is received by the vendor.

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