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Most Popular Questions is set up purposefully to help African businesses take advantage of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This allows local businesses to make their goods and services available in other African countries without having to go through the usual customs bureaucracies and related costs. Irrespective of where you are located in Africa, so long as your products are genuine, we will help you gain access to markets all over Africa.

Any African business that sells genuine products can get a store and start selling on

To be a seller on, you must:

Be a brand owner/manufacturer/producer or authorized distributor of a product (a good or a service)

Be dealing in products or services that do not violate our policies and rules

If you sell genuine products, you can register immediately as a vendor by visiting and filling out a brief form. Within 3 business days, our team will get in touch with you to guide you through the rest of the process. If you have any difficulty, you may contact us at

Listing products (goods and services) on is free! MyCarthouse does not charge you anything for listing your products online. You only pay a small commission when you make a sale. See our fees and commissions for categories of products that you can sell and the charges that apply in each category.

All you need is:

Your personal and business details

Your contact details – email and phone number, and

Information about your products.

Yes. You do not need a website to start selling on MyCarthouse. Once you have completed your registration, your products will be listed on the seller platform for sale.

You can use a web-based interface or our seller app to list products one by one. You can also use an Excel spreadsheet to list products in bulk. Once you are done with the registration as a seller on, you will be assisted with information on the steps to list your products in your store.

You can request to be paid anytime after the 14 days trade assurance period where the buyer does not raise a dispute concerning your delivery. See more information in our buyer protection and trade assurance policy. Your payment will be made through the payment method that you specified during your registration.

Sellers are responsible for verifying the authenticity of orders placed from their stores. We, on the other hand, employ the most updated measures to ensure that buying and selling transactions are done safely on our platform.

If in any way your Intellectual Property Right has been infringed by any of our sellers, please quickly inform us by filling and submitting the report abuse form. We take such reports seriously.

We take security very seriously at MyCarthouse. If you should find a security issue that has a real-world impact, please report it to us immediately so we can investigate it. Kindly include the following details in your report:

  1. Steps to reproduce the bug/issue.
  2. Your web browser/mobile browser’s name or app and version.
  3. Screenshot/screencast (if any).
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